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Goal Mapping

MWB brings you its unique educational and training perspective in Workshops using visual whole brain goal setting.

Through proven techniques, MWB teaches thinking clarification using left and right inclusive thought mapping techniques. Left and right brain Goal Mapping Training helps you, your staff, students and parents visually materialize their personal Goal Map to realise personal aspirations and dreams. MWP offers Training designed especially to help educators teach Goal Mapping to their staff and to students.


The aims of Goal Mapping and Mind Mapping Workshops

Individuals - develop to become the best at what they can and want to be.

Organisations -experience organic growth by developing individuals, staff and trainees.

Children - learn and grow with confidence in their own abilities.

Goal Mapping powerfully impacts your goals upon your mind, using colour imagery linked to key words.

Unlock the Potential of your staff

Personal leadership is one of the most highly prized attributes – and yet it is the least taught or consciously developed. The qualities of a true leader are the qualities of success. True leadership is less about what you do, and more about 'who you are' in what you do.

Goal Mapping for Students

Learning how to Goal Map helps children become clearer about what they want to aim for in life, inspires them to aim higher, and then empowers them with a leading success system to achieve their aims and objectives.


Using the Goal Mapping process has also proved very effective in achieving examination results. 


Children’s Goal Mapping Workshop is a system for success

It unlocks a student’s potential and helps them achieve their best results by activating the whole of their brain through the use of words and pictures by assisting students in what they want to achieve, why they want it, how they are going to achieve it, and who they require help from. This fun, interactive day will guide students to create their very own map helping them to feel inspired, empowered and excited about their future as they explore their special gifts and talents whilst learning how to set and achieve goals for lasting happiness and success.
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