We may not be able to direct the wind, but we can always adjust the sails

  E-Color Diagnostics - A vivid eye-opener on your unique personality traits
  • Why is it that some Educators are thrilled by an impromptu request to address an audience whilst others are distressed?
  • Why is it that some have no difficulties meeting deadlines when others lose sleep over it?
  • Why is it that some students enjoy learning from pictures, others are avid readers and researchers and yet others interact best in the playground?
  • Why are some reserved and reluctant to speak in class and others are first with their hand up regardless of the question or their knowledge?
  • Why are some of us happier in a structured environment, while others flourish in flexible spaces?
  • Why are some of us empathetic listeners and others selective listeners? 
  • Why….? Why….? Why….?

 MWB Can Help!

Knowledge of and working with the E-Colors leads to a heightened awareness that we do not all think and act the same and that we all have different communication styles and behavioural preferences. It helps us work together better, teach better, learn better and support each other better.

Throughout the ages, it has become apparent that there are four main personality styles:

 From the Chinese study of Earth, Wind, Fire & Water circa 2000BCTo the ancient Greek
 Philosophers such as Hippocrates and Aristotle
who believed in the 4 fluids
To modern day psychologists
 such as Carl Jung, and the research conducted
 by Myers-Briggs, who claim there are 4 main personality styles 
And supported by modern day Scientific Research that proves the ancient theories to be
 Equilibria have developed their E-Colors coaching methodology

 Using the E-Color process allows us to identify how we can improve the ways we work, teach, learn and support each other, taking into account individual needs and motivating personalities, thus eliminating teaching/learning conflict.


If you would like to find out your own E-Color profile for free, then take a moment and go to www.equilibria.vg and click on ‘Personality Diversity Indicator’.

Knowing your E-Color Profile can have an effective, positive impact on the following areas of Interaction:

  • Effective Communication
  • Personal and Team Development
  • Applied Leadership
  • Personal Intervention
  • Safety and Training
  • Couples/Family Event
  • Drama

     Licensed coaches
Workshops are based on these topics. MWB works in conjunction with Equilibria to add tangible benefits to your organisation.